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Development of lithium battery diaphragm

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In the world, the most developed countries of lithium battery diaphragm industry are Japan and the United States. According to the incomplete statistics of real lithium research, in 2011, the total sales of lithium battery diaphragm was about 358 million m2 in the world, and the largest production and sales volume of diaphragm materials in Japan, which sold about 241 million m2 in 2011, accounting for more than 52.62% of the market share.

In 2011, South Korean companies sold a total of about 36 million m2 of lithium ion batteries, accounting for 7.86% of the world. The other areas mainly refer to the European region and Taiwan, China, which are still small in total sales. Among them, LITARION SEPARION nickel cobalt manganese oxide lithium material (commonly known as three yuan material) and SEPARION can be greatly improve the power lithium battery efficiency and safety performance of the ceramic battery separator, has been large-scale test application on electric vehicles. In addition, the UK is actively developing the lithium battery diaphragm material.

Because the diaphragm performance will directly affect the safety performance of the battery internal resistance, discharge capacity, cycle life and the battery, the lithium battery manufacturing consistency of diaphragm material product requirements, in addition to thickness, surface density, mechanical properties of these basic requirements, the uniformity of size and distribution of pores of the membrane are have high requirements. Therefore, in view of the difficulty of technical technology, diaphragm material is the only key material in China that has not yet realized self-sufficiency in lithium batteries. However, since the first localization of membrane materials in China in 2004, the development of China's diaphragm material industry is very fast. The domestic membrane is replacing the imported products rapidly and in the middle and low end market.

According to the statistics of real lithium research, in 2011, Chinese enterprises achieved a total of about 67 million m2 of septum sales, and the global market accounted for 14.63% and the third in the world. The same year lithium battery sales China local enterprises accounted for 25% of global proportion, in order to calculate the demand for lithium battery enterprises Chinese diaphragm in 2011 local about 114 million 500 thousand m2, so, 2011 Chinese diaphragm self-sufficiency rate has more than half reached 58.52%, far higher than most research institutions are given data. At this speed, it will not take a few years, the Chinese membrane material will be self-sufficient. Moreover, some of the well-known lithium ion battery enterprises in Japan and South Korea are now considering purchasing products of diaphragm products made by Chinese enterprises, which to some extent indicates that the technology of diaphragm industrialization of Chinese enterprises has reached a considerable level.

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