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Application and development of BOPP plastic film in box cigarette packaging

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BOPP as a new type of packing material, since it has attracted much attention, due to the inherent characteristics of biaxial stretching process, the BOPP film prepared in the process of the rapid expansion of applications to many fields of packaging industry, mainly including color printing, belt, mucosal membrane capacitance, synthetic paper, cigarette film etc.. In the cigarette industry, BOPP is mainly used in the packaging of small box cigarettes and box cigarettes, and there are also a small amount of film covering for drawing and trademark paper. The following contents are mainly focused on the external packaging BOPP smoke film used in small box cigarettes and box cigarettes.

The cigarette industry is wrapped in tobacco packaging films have used a variety of materials, including glass paper, PVC coated film, PVDC film, BOPP film and BOPP film for cigarette smoke; due to its complex has good optical properties, a wide range of heat sealing and high heat sealing strength, the thickness of water vapor barrier excellent ability, uniform and wide contraction rate control range, good stiffness, which has the characteristics compared to other materials, become the first choice of cigarette packaging materials.

First, the development trend of domestic cigarette industry

As cigarette packaging accessories, the application and development of tobacco film are closely related to the cigarette industry. China occupies a large share in the global cigarette industry and is the largest cigarette consumption market in the world. According to statistics, at present Chinese perennial smoking population of about 350 million, the annual output of around 1 trillion and 900 billion cigarettes, cigarette production and consumption Chinese were accounting for about 1/3 of the world. According to the calculation of cigarette production, the amount of tobacco film in China is undoubtedly the largest in the world.

From the analysis of the development of tobacco in China, the cigarette industry has the following characteristics:

1. the total volume of production has risen steadily.

In recent years, the domestic cigarette production to maintain a small increase, basically at an annual rate of 2~5% growth, since 2001, the total cigarette yield increased from 33 million 710 thousand to 38 million 520 thousand cartons of cigarette Daxiang, total output of the cumulative growth rate of up to 14%.

2. the structure of cigarette products is constantly adjusted.

The weight ratio of the product changes with the change of product structure, the percentage were one or two and three kinds of smoke for up to a certain extent, and five kinds of smoke is gradually compressed, such as the 2001 five tobacco accounts for 23.6%, to 2005 dropped to 4.3%, according to the volume of tobacco product structure to keep on make adjustments.

3. the proportion of soft and hard boxes is constantly changing.

The proportion of soft and hard box has also changed in recent years, though the overall change is not very large. The ratio of hard and hard boxes is about 5.5/4.5 in 2002, and the ratio of hard and soft boxes to 4.5/5.5 is about 4.5/5.5 in 2005. However, the number of Hard boxes increases by more than 20%.

The 4. brands are integrated and streamlined and the manufacturers reorganize.

In accordance with the development of big and strong ideas, the integration of brand integration and the restructuring of manufacturers is deepening. The merger and reorganization of the cigarette factory is one of the major measures of the cigarette industry in recent years, which has a profound influence on the pattern of the domestic cigarette industry.

Two. The present market and product survey of tobacco film

A) market profile

The BOPP cigarette film market relative to the entire BOPP film market share is relatively small, but for the cigarette packaging materials, BOPP cigarette film share is relatively small, but because of the special status of China in cigarette industry, cigarette production accounted for a large proportion in the world, but also created a space for the domestic cigarette film market. Since 2001, the domestic cigarette production growth in the absolute value of about 5 million cases, the growth ratio is about 14%, in the exclusion of thickness and specification changes and other factors, according to the proportion of cigarette production growth projections, the domestic cigarette film dosage of about 70 thousand tons.

B) general situation of product process development

At present, the market of cigarette packaging film materials, production process, due to differences in the following process, appear in a different form of products, generally include: 1. PVC coated film; 2. PVDC coated film and color printing; 3. holographic film; 4. bubble tube method BOPP stretch film; biaxial stretching polypropylene film 5.

From the current market share, the market share of the first three varieties is relatively low, and the market is still dominated by BOPP of bubble tube method and BOPP plane biaxial tension. The advantages and disadvantages of the bubble tube method and the plane progressive biaxial tension method are compared as follows:

The domestic cigarette film is mainly composed of planar biaxial stretching film. After many years of research and development and process optimization, it has achieved remarkable results in two aspects: the operation performance of the product and the optical performance of the thin film. In terms of operational performance, we fully absorb the advantages of the original bubbling tube method, and make full use of the advantages of biaxial stretching process to make effective improvements on tobacco film products.

1. give full play to the better uniformity of the thickness of the biaxial stretching process, and optimize the process by rewinding, aging, cutting and cutting.

The defects such as the side of the lotus leaf, the stripes and the looseness can be effectively controlled.

2. the ratio of raw material technology combined with the characteristics of two-way stretch, make effective control on the effect of film on the machine running of key physical properties such as friction coefficient, film stiffness and the vertical and horizontal direction shrinkage, the film in the cigarette packaging machine in high-speed operation can guarantee the machine running well.

3. the optimum combination of process control and raw material ratio can obtain excellent appearance performance such as low turbidity and high gloss.

4. to meet the personalized needs of special users, the individual packaging machine can take tailored measures to ensure the packaging effect.

5. in view of the specific situation of part of the smoke bag, the film function is given in the design of material and technology, such as anti red and anti wrinkle.

C) basic product types

At present, the BOPP tobacco film used in China is divided into five categories in general.

1. ordinary small bags.

It has good smoothness and stiffness, low shrinkage and excellent heat sealing performance. It is usually used for soft box small bags.

2. ordinary bag.

It has good smoothness and stiffness, low shrinkage and excellent heat sealing performance. It is usually used for box packing.

3. moderately constriction small bag.

It has good smoothness, good optical properties, low shrinkage and excellent heat sealing performance, and has a certain post shrinkage effect. It is usually used for soft box small bags.

4. in the contraction bag.

It is commonly used in high grade box packing, with good packing and good optical properties and excellent thermal sealing performance. 5. high contractile small bag.

It is commonly used in high-grade box packaging, which has good high-speed running performance, good optical performance and excellent heat sealing performance, and has high shrinkage rate to ensure good packing effect.

Three, the development trend of smoke film

For cigarette packaging, it requires high moisture barrier, high gloss and low zero, good stiffness, packing smoothness, good antistatic performance and excellent heat sealing performance. However, with the development of cigarette packaging equipment, further improvement of external packaging effect and functionality, and meeting the requirements of international green environmental protection, BOPP smoke membrane is put forward higher request.

1. higher optical properties.

More transparent (low turbidity), higher gloss is the market demand for BOPP cigarette film eternal, with Yanbiao show good design, especially in the dark Yanbiao, optical properties of the film more smoke.

2. wear resistance.

The tobacco membrane has high wear resistance, mainly from two aspects: one is to consider in the high-speed packaging process, rapid contact and friction film surface and the machine will form a scratch on the surface of the product; two is the product in the transport process, the film surface / film surface, the film surface / box will form a scratch in film. Especially the formation of more serious scratches will have great impact on the appearance.

3. high speed operation.

The speed of cigarette packing machine is increasing continuously. In order to match the high speed packaging, the physical performance indexes related to the product are also higher.

4. environmental protection film.

Considering the factors of green environment, the thickness of the smoke film is thinner in the market. The commonly used products are usually 20 to 22 microns. The thinning of the smoke film will be the development direction in the future.

5. function.

In addition to the original characteristics of barrier, such as water vapor, transparency and high-speed packaging, the smoke membrane will give higher requirements to function, such as anti-counterfeiting function, waterproof fog and so on. From the current situation, on the one hand, as a tobacco auxiliary material, BOPP smoke film is developing steadily along with the tobacco industry, and is facing higher requirements in product variety and quality. On the other hand, it still needs to face fierce competition in the domestic BOPP industry.

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