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PVC packaging film

PVC packaging film

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Strong seal ability , long shelf life, low static

This product is widely used by cigarette packing machine, three-dimensional packing machine. The film is coated and treated by anti-static process, so the static is very low, and can be heat sealed at low-temperature with good smoothness. Meanwhile, it has an excellent aroma and moisture-proof, anti-wrinkle properties. The wrapped products are smooth, elegant appearance, which can achieve the ideal packaging effect.

宽度Width  30-1000mm
厚度Thickness  15μm-60μm
收缩率Shrinkage Rate  横向Td:10%纵向Md :12%
收缩温度Shrinkingtemperature 105-125±15
透光率Transparent rate ≥89
拉伸强度Tensile strength  横向TD:≥50Mpa 纵向MD:≥50Mpa
断裂伸长率Elongationat break   横向TD:≥80% 纵向MD:≥80%
撕裂强度Tear strength  横向TD:≥45kn/m 纵向MD:≥45kn/m

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