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PVC Twist film


Precise printing, durable, strong barrier property

HengYun brand R-PVC twist film is at food grade, produced by advanced equipment imported from “ FIAP” company in Italy, with characteristics of good transparency, high brightness, not rebound, high Impact resistance, high tearing strength, no adhesion, and has strong barrier property for moisture & oxygen .

It is suitable to various high speed automatic food packaging machines, and after metallization, it become metallic with good packing effect. It is widely used for packaging of candy, preserved fruit ,beef jerky and some other food.

宽度Width  30-1000mm
厚度Thickness  15μm-60μm
收缩率Shrinkage Rate  横向Td:10%纵向Md :12%
收缩温度Shrinkingtemperature 105-125±15
透光率Transparent rate ≥89
拉伸强度Tensile strength  横向TD:≥50Mpa 纵向MD:≥50Mpa
断裂伸长率Elongationat break   横向TD:≥80% 纵向MD:≥80%
撕裂强度Tear strength  横向TD:≥45kn/m 纵向MD:≥45kn/m