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BOPP heat sealing film


Precise printing, long shelf life, low static

Our company imported technology and full sets of equipment for production of two-way tensile Polypropylene film, with complete testing instruments, which can produce ordinary , middle, and high shrinkage rate of the products. The film has very low static and very good smoothness after anti-static process, widely used for packaging of box items of cigarettes, food, medicines, and cosmetics, on the high-speed packing machine. Excellent performance of heat sealing, moisture proof and high barrier can ensure the elegant appearance and long-term storage of packaged products.

宽度Width  50-1200mm
厚度Thickness  12μm-50μm
收缩率Shrinkage Rate  横向Td:10%纵向Md :12%
收缩温度Shrinkingtemperature 105-135

厚度偏差 Thickness deviation

透光率Transparent rate ≥90
拉伸强度Tensile strength  横向TD:≥220Mpa 纵向MD:≥125Mpa
断裂伸长率Elongationat break   横向TD:≥80% 纵向MD:≥200%
撕裂强度Tear strength  横向TD:≥2.0